AFCBL: Final June Scores, Weeks 18-21

Shaun continues his dominance over the Fantasy League by shattering the record for the monthly team point total for the second straight month. His team was fueled by Iron Man’s personal record-setting month, and the combo of the Original Sin best buddies, Dr. Strange (Offensive Spell, Defensive Spell, Teleport) and the Punisher (Gun Barrage, Explosives, Planned Attack). After being denied Thor a place on my team, Shaun swooped in and took the Asgardian God for himself (Hammer Strike, Hammer Throw, Lightning). I tried to counter Iron Man’s appearance in the Original Sin tie-ins by drafting Hulk (Ground Smash, Sonic Clap, Hulk-Strength) to join Captain America and Spider-Man. Limited by the rule of three Avengers, I returned to a once-reliable hero, Nova (Flight, Energy Blast, Helmet Assist), who fails me in the most miserable of ways.

We also discuss ways to improve and tweak the rules a bit more, potentially offering up more variety to the characters drafted and opening the league to more participants. Listen to how the point tally plays out by following along with our latest MMA Podcast, Episode 36: Judging Books by Their Covers.

Shaun (4-1): 74
Brian (1-4): 50

Week 21 (June 25, 2014):
I manage to pull off a respectable week (minus Nova, of course), but it’s not enough to overcome Shaun’s impressive lead. Dr. Strange throws his weight around for Shaun’s team, which manages another week of at least twenty-points.

Brian: 27 points (50 total)
Captain America: Appearance, 4 points (Avengers Undercover #6, Fantastic Four #6, New Warriors #6, Uncanny Avengers #21); Leads the Team, 1 point (in Uncanny Avengers) 
Spider-Man: Appearance, 3 points (Amazing Spider-Man #3, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man Spectacular #1); Power, 5 points (Spider-Strength and Webbing in his own, Strength, Sense and Webbing in the Spectacular)Team-Up, 1 point (with the Fantastic Four in Spectacular); Civilian Save, 2 points (Ollie in Amazing, and Aunt May in Spectacular); Defeated Villain, 1 point (various bad guys he faced in Spectacular)
Hulk: Appearance, 5 points (Fantastic Four, New Avengers #20, Original Sin #3.1, Savage Hulk #1, Uncanny Avengers); Power, 5 points (two Ground Smashes, two Hulk-sized Strengths, one Sonic Clap) 
Nova: 0 points

Shaun: 22 points (74 total)
Iron Man: Appearance, 5 points (Fantastic Four, New Avengers, New Warriors #6, Original Sin, Uncanny Avengers); Power, 1 point (Repulsor Ray)Character Development, 1 point (tampered with the accident that created the Hulk)
Thor: Appearance, 3 points (Fantastic Four, New Warriors, Uncanny Avengers); Power, 1 point (Hammer Strike when fighting the New Warriors)Defeated Villain, 1 point (stopped the Celestial in Uncanny Avengers)
Dr. Strange: Appearance, 3 points (New Avengers, New Avengers Annual #1, Uncanny Avengers); Power, 3 points (two Offensive Spells and a Teleport)Character Development, 2 points (sold his soul for more power, telling the story of how he lost his first patient in the Annual); Civilian Save, 1 point (in the Annual); Defeated Villain, 1 point (in the Annual)
Punisher: Appearance, 0 points

Week 20 (June 18, 2014):
Shaun buries any chance of my team staging a comeback this month by putting up some of the most impressive numbers in the Fantasy League. His single week total is more than double the points I had accumulated in the whole month of June after three weeks. Furthermore, it was a strong showing by all of his team members, three-quarters of which now possess double-digit point totals for the month.

Brian: 9 points (23 total)
Captain America: Appearance, 3 points (Avengers #31, Nova #18, Thunderbolts #27)); Power, 2 points (Shield Throw in Nova and again in Thunderbolts) 
Spider-Man: Appearance, 1 point (Nova); Power, 1 point (Webs, in Nova when it shows the main Original Sin battle from another angle)
Hulk: Appearance, 1 point (Original Sin #4) 
Nova: Appearance, 1 point (Nova)


Shaun: 32 points (52 total)
Iron Man: Appearance, 3 points (Iron Man #28, Nova, Thunderbolts); Power, 3 points (Repulsor Ray in each appearance)Team-Up, 1 point (with Rhodey); Defeated Villain, 1 point (in his own comic)
Thor: Appearance, 4 points (Avengers, Nova, Thor: God of Thunder #23, Thunderbolts); Power, 6 points (two uses of Lightning, one Hammer Throw, and three Hammer Strikes in his various appearances)Defeated Villain, 1 point
Dr. Strange: Appearance, 1 point (Original Sin); Power, 2 points (Offensive Spell and Teleport)Team-Up, 1 point (still with Punisher)
Punisher: Appearance, 3 points (Original Sin, Punisher #7, Thunderbolts); Power, 4 points (three Gun Barrages and an Explosive)Character Development, 1 point (quits the team in Thunderbolts); Team-Up, 1 point (still with Dr. Strange)

Week 19 (June 11, 2014):
My team’s implosion begins this week as a couple characters fail to even appear in comics in which they should have appeared. The ones that do show up, don’t do much beyond standing around. Shaun, thankfully, stays within reach by only picking up six points as well.

Brian: 6 points (14 total)
Captain America: Appearance, 1 point (Hulk #4) 
Spider-Man: Appearance, 1 point (Amazing Spider-Man #1.2); Power, 2 points (Spider-Sense and Webs)
Hulk: Appearance, 2 points (Hulk, New Avengers #19) 
Nova: 0 points


Shaun: 6 points (20 total)
Iron Man: Appearance, 4 points (Hulk, New Avengers, Original Sins #1, Uncanny X-Men Special #1); Power, 1 point (Repulsor Ray)
Thor: Appearance, 0 points
Dr. Strange: Appearance, 1 point (New Avengers)
Punisher: Appearance, 0 points

Week 18 (June 4, 2014):
A modest start to the month. Shaun leaps out to a six-point lead thanks to a strong, four-point performance from the majority of his characters.

Brian: 8 points (8 total)
Captain America: Appearance, 3 points (Avengers World #7, Captain America #21, Original Sin #3); Power, 2 points (Shield Bash and Shield Throw in his own title)Team-Up, 1 point (with his soon-to-be successor, Falcon) 
Spider-Man: Appearance, 1 point (Original Sin)
Hulk: Appearance, 1 point (Original Sin) 
Nova: 0 points


Shaun: 14 points (14 total)
Iron Man: Appearance, 2 points (Iron Man #27, Original Sin); Power, 1 point (Repulsor Ray)Leads the Team, 1 point (in Iron Man)
Thor: Appearance, 2 points (Loki: Agent of Asgard #5, Original Sin); Power, 1 point (Lightning)Team-Up, 1 point (with Loki)
Dr. Strange: Appearance, 1 point (Original Sin); Team-Up, 1 point (paired up with Punisher in Original Sin)
Punisher: Appearance, 2 points (Original Sin, Punisher #6); Power, 1 point (Gun Barrage in his own comic)Team-Up, 1 point (paired up with Dr. Strange in Original Sin)

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