AFCBL: Final April Scores, Weeks 9-13

You guys, I finally won a month! And not just because April had a fifth and extra week, I even won after four weeks, and it’s about time. To help me in my most triumphant victory I enlisted Nova (powers: Energy Blast, Flight, Helmet Assist); let go of my two X-Women in favor of their newly-returned teammate, Nightcrawler (Supportive and Offensive Teleport, Swashbuckling); and dropped Superior Spider-Man to pick up his more Amazing counterpart (Offensive Webbing, Strength, Spider-Sense). Shaun dropped his spy and God in favor of the assassin, Elektra (Sai Stab, Resourceful Kill, Stealth Attack), and the god-like monster, Hulk (Hulk Clap, Hulk-Sized Strength, Rage reaching Critical Mass). Now it’s time to look back on how successful my first victory actually was.

The Real Uncanny Avengers (1-2): 46
Selfish Avengers (2-1): 40

Week Thirteen (April 30, 2014):
Shaun tries to use the extra week in April to gain some ground on my lead, but Hulk and the rest of the Selfish Avengers finally suffer their first loss. Captain America ends the month by pulling his usual stunt of showing up in four individual issues.

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 8 points (46 total)
Captain America: Appearance, 4 points (Avengers #28, Avengers World #5, Uncanny Avengers Annual #1, Amazing Spider-Man #1)Power, 2 points (Shield Bash and Throw in Uncanny Avengers) 
Spider-Man: Appearance, 1 point (Amazing Spider-Man #1)Power, 1 point (Webbing)
Nightcrawler: 0 points 
Nova: 0 points


Selfish Avengers: 10 points (40 total)
Iron Man: Appearance, 3 points (Avengers #28, New Avengers #17, Avengers World #5)
Deadpool: 0 points
Hulk: Appearance, 4 points (Avengers #28, New Avengers #17, Avengers World #5, Hulk #2)Power, 2 points (Hulk rage hitting Critical Mass); Character Development, 1 point (joins the Illuminati) 
Elektra: 0 points


Week Twelve (April 23, 2014):
I put out another strong week thanks to Nova’s starring appearance in the prelude to Original Sin, and Elektra manages to score the highest for Shaun’s team with only three points.

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 9 points (38 total)
Captain America: Appearance, 2 points (All-New Invaders #4, Original Sin #0) 
Spider-Man: Appearance, 1 point (Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #24)
Nightcrawler: 0 points 
Nova: Appearance, 1 point (Original Sin #0)Power, 3 points (Offensive Flight, Energy Blast, and Helmet Assist); Character Development, 1 point (learns his father is alive)Civilian Save, 1 point


Selfish Avengers: 5 points (30 total)
Iron Man: Appearance, 1 point (Original Sin #0)
Deadpool: Appearance, 1 point (Thunderbolts #25)
Hulk: 0 points 
Elektra: Appearance, 2 points (Elektra #1, Thunderbolts #25); Power, 1 point (Sai Stab)



Week Eleven (April 16, 2014):
Spider-Man and Nova come in strong to help my team take back control after Shaun’s strong previous week, but the married Merc with the Mouth gets some help when Hulk puts his first points up for Shaun’s team.

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 17 points (29 total)
Captain America: Appearance, 1 point (Superior Spider-Man #31) 
Spider-Man: Appearance, 1 point (Superior Spider-Man #31)Power, 3 points (Offensive Webbing, Strength, Spider-Sense); Team-Up, 1 point (with his 2099 counterpart); Civilian Save, 1 point; Defeated Villain, 1 point
Nightcrawler: Appearance, 1 point (Amazing X-Men #6)Power, 2 points (both a Supportive and Offensive Teleport) 
Nova: Appearance, 1 point (Nova #16)Power, 2 points (Energy Attack, Offensive Flight)Team-Up, 1 point (with Beta Ray Bill); Defeated Villain, 1 point

Selfish Avengers: 8 points (25 total)
Iron Man: 0 points
Deadpool: Appearance, 1 point (Deadpool vs. Carnage #2)Power, 2 points (Healing, Creative Kill)
Hulk: Appearance, 1 point (Hulk #1)Power, 2 points (Rage at Critical Mass, Hulk-Strength); Character Development, 1 point (brain dead, whatever that means Shaun); Civilian Save, 1 point 
Elektra: 0 points

Week Ten (April 9, 2014):
I manage to score my fifth six-point week in the past six weeks of competition, but Shaun’s prodigal character Deadpool tips the scales by pulling off a perfect week – achieving every possible point in one issue.

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 6 points (12 total)
Captain America: Appearance, 1 point (Deadpool #27); Power, 1 point (Shield Throw) 
Spider-Man: 0 points
Nightcrawler: Appearance, 2 points (Nightcrawler #1, Deadpool #27 – he officiates Deadpool’s marriage! I should have gone with ‘expresses spirituality’ as a Power!); Power, 2 points (both a Supportive and Offensive Teleport in his own book) 
Nova: 0 points


Selfish Avengers: 15 points (17 total)
Iron Man: Appearance, 1 point (Iron Man #24); Power, 1 point (Repulsor Ray, obviously)
Deadpool: Appearance, 2 points (Deadpool #27, Thunderbolts #24); Power, 4 points (Healing Factor, once in his own and again in Thunderbolts; Creative Kill down Niagara Falls; Mows Down with Guns)Character Development, 1 point (Marriage); Team-Up, 1 point (with his buddy Cable); Leads the Team, 1 point (X-Force); Civilian Save, 1 point; Defeated Villain, 1 point
Hulk: 0 points 
Elektra: Appearance, 2 points (Deadpool #27, Thunderbolts #24)

Week Nine (April 2, 2014):
Shaun puts in one of the lowest scoring weeks for the league to start the third month, due in large part to Iron Man finally taking a break from comics. I cruise into an early lead with my usual six-points thanks to Cap and the new recruit, Nova.


The Real Uncanny Avengers: 6 points (6 total)
Captain America: Appearance, 1 point (Captain America #19); Power, 2 points (Shield Bash and Throw) 
Spider-Man: 0 points
Nightcrawler: 0 points 
Nova: Appearance, 1 point (New Warriors #3); Power, 2 points (Flight and Energy Blast)


Selfish Avengers: 2 points (2 total)
Iron Man: 0 points
Deadpool: Appearance, 1 point (Deadpool Vs. Carnage #1); Power, 1 point (Healing)
Hulk: 0 points
Elektra: 0 points

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