AFCBL: Final March Scores, Weeks 5-8

Cyclops and Iceman failed me in the first month of the league, so I dropped my two X-Men in favor of two X-Women. Shaun dropped an X-Woman himself as well as one of his personal favorites. In place of Cyclops and Iceman, I drafted Storm (powers: Lightning, Wind, Blizzard) and Kitty Pryde (Short Circuit, Team Phase, Stealth Attack); and in place of Pyslocke and Hawkeye, Shaun picked up Thor (Lightning, Hammer Throw, Durability) and Black Widow (Acrobatic KO, Widow’s Bite, Marksmen). I also adjusted Captain America’s power set from Shield Ricochet to Shield Bash. Let’s see how the new teams fared over the month of March.

Selfish Avengers (2-0): 38
The Real Uncanny Avengers (0-2): 37

Week Eight (March 26, 2014):
March ends on a high-note for both sides. I approach 20 points in the final week but Shaun manages to hang on and eek out the victory by one point. But really, that just means the Amazing Spider-Man is coming my way for the month of April and the rest of the year so I think I’m the real winner.

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 19 points (37 total)
Superior Spider-Man: Appearance, 2 points (Superior Spider-Man #30, Superior Spider-Man #11); Character Development, 1 point (Ock lets go and erases his presence from Peter’s mind); Team-Up, 1 point (Flashback to the bromance with Norman Osborn)Civilian Save, 1 point 
Storm: Appearance, 1 point (Amazing X-Men #5)
Captain America: Appearance, 4 points (Avengers #27, Avengers Assemble #25, A+X #18, Captain America: Homecoming #1); Team-Up, 2 points (Black Widow in Homecoming and Cyclops in A+X); Power, 1 point (Shield Bash) 
Kitty Pryde: Appearance, 2 points (A+X #18, Guardians of the Galaxy #13); Power, 1 point (Surprise stealth attack by hiding behind Groot); Character Development, 1 point (Stepping outside of her normal type of boyfriend and sparking a relationship with Star Lord); Team-Up, 2 points (Vision in A+X and continued team-up with the Guardians) 

Selfish Avengers: 16 points (38 total)
Thor: Appearance, 2 points (Avengers #27, Uncanny Avengers #18); Power, 1 point (Lightning)
Iron Man: Appearance, 3 points (Avengers #27, Avengers Assemble #25, Superior Spider-Man #30); Power, 2 points (Two Repulsor Rays in two different issues); Civilian Save, 1 point
Deadpool: Appearance, 1 point (Deadpool #26); Power, 1 point (Mows down Hitler with his guns); Team-Up, 1 point (Teams up with his buddy Cable) 
Black Widow: Appearance, 2 points (Avengers Assemble #25, Captain America: Homecoming #1); Power, 1 point (Acrobatic KO by jumping through a window); Team-Up, 1 point (with the Captain)

Week Seven (March 19, 2014):
Shaun pulls away in the third week of March by outpacing my team by four points. While Shaun manages to get the first double-digit weekly score of the month, my third six-point week keeps me down.

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 6 points (18 total)
Superior Spider-Man: Appearance, 1 point (Superior Spider-Man Annual #2) 
Storm: Appearance, 2 points (Wolverine and the X-Men #2, X-Men #12); Power, 1 point (Lightning)
Captain America: Appearance, 2 points (All-New Invaders #3, Avengers World #3) 
Kitty Pryde: 0 points



Selfish Avengers: 10 points (22 total)
Thor: Appearance, 2 points (Thor: God of Thunder #20, All-New Invaders #3); Power, 3 points (Lightning, Hammer Throw, Durability)
Iron Man: Appearance, 2 points (Iron Man #23.NOW, New Avengers #15); Power, 1 point (Repulsor Ray)
Deadpool: Appearance, 1 point (Thunderbolts #23); Power, 1 point (Healing) 
Black Widow: 0 points

Week Six (March 12, 2014):
Shaun comes back strong in week two by tripling his score from the first week of March. I manage to keep pace by doubling my score with Cap only banking me one point.

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 6 points (12 total)
Superior Spider-Man: Appearance, 1 point (Superior Spider-Man #29); Character Development, 1 point (Rival Professor Don Lamaze sacrifices his life to save Superior Spidey) 
Storm: Appearance, 1 point (X-Force #2)
Captain America: Appearance, 1 point (Fantastic Four #2) 
Kitty Pryde: Appearance, 1 point (All-New X-Men #24); Team-Up, 1 point (Space adventure with Guardians of the Galaxy)


Selfish Avengers: 9 points (12 total)
Thor: 0 points
Iron Man: Appearance, 1 point (Captain Marvel #1)
Deadpool: Appearance, 1 point (Deadpool); Power, 2 points (Healing factor, Creative kill with a trash compactor…); Civilian Save, 1 point; Defeated Villain, 1 point 
Black Widow: Appearance, 2 points (Black Widow #4, Secret Avengers #1); Power, 1 point (Acrobatic KO)

Week Five (March 5, 2014):
A low-scoring week to begin the month on both accounts, but Cap and Iron Man still manage to show up in two comics. Naturally.


The Real Uncanny Avengers: 6 points (6 total)
Superior Spider-Man: 0 points 
Storm: Appearance, 1 point (Wolverine and the X-Men #1)
Captain America: Appearance, 2 points (Avengers AI #10, Captain America #18); Power, 2 points (Shield Bash and Throw in Cap) 
Kitty Pryde: Appearance, 1 point (Uncanny X-Men #18)


Selfish Avengers: 3 points (3 total)
Thor: 0 points
Iron Man: Appearance, 2 points (Avengers AI #10, Iron Man #22); Power, 1 point (Repulsor Ray)
Deadpool: 0 points
Black Widow: 0 points

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