AFCBL: Final February Scores, Weeks 3 & 4

Week Four (February 26, 2014):
Shaun’s Selfish Avengers pull off the victory in the first month of the Amazing Fantasy Comic Book League!


Selfish Avengers: 12 points (34 total)
Psylocke: 0 points
Iron Man: Appearance, 2 points (Avengers Assemble #24, Uncanny Avengers #17)
Deadpool: Appearance, 2 points (Deadpool #24, Thunderbolts #22); Character Development, 1 point; Team-Up, 1 point; Defeats the Villain, 1 point
Hawkeye: Appearance, 3 points (Avengers Assemble #24, Hawkeye #15, Secret Avengers #16); Character Development, 1 point (loses everything he’s worked for since the beginning of his current solo series); Team-Up, 1 point (with his brother, but really with Black Widow)

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 9 points (30 total)
Superior Spider-Man: Appearance, 2 point (Superior Spider-Man #28, Wolverine #2); Power, 1 point (Spidey-Sense); Team-Up, 1 Point (with Wolverine) 
Cyclops: 0 points
Captain America: Appearance, 3 points (Avengers Assemble #24, Uncanny Avengers #17, Wolverine and the X-Men #42); Leading the Team, 1 point (Assembling the Avengers in Assembling) 
Iceman: Appearance, 1 point (Wolverine and the X-Men #42)

Week Three (February 19, 2014):

Captain America once again keeps pace for the Real Uncanny Avengers, but the Selfish Avengers’ strong second week still has them ahead… barely. This last week of the month actually matters!!


Selfish Avengers: 6 points (22 total)
 Appearance, 1 point (X-Men #11)
Iron Man: Appearance, 2 points (A+X #17, Iron Man Annual); Power, 1 point (Unibeam); Team-Up, 1 point (A+X with Broo)
Deadpool: 0 points
Hawkeye: Appearance, 1 point, (Uncanny X-Men #17)

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 11 points (21 total)
Superior Spider-Man: Appearance, 1 point (Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #10); Power, 1 point (Strength to activate the kill switch); Team-Up, 1 Point (with Daredevil and the Punisher) 
Cyclops: Appearance, 2 points (A+X #17, Uncanny X-Men #17); Team-Up, 1 point (see Captain America)
Captain America: Appearance, 2 points (A+X #17, Captain America #17); Team-Up, 1 point (with Cyclops in A+X); Leading the Team, 1 point (Ordering the charge and even giving orders to Cyclops) 
Iceman: Appearance, 1 point (Amazing X-Men #4)


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