AFCBL: The First Two Weeks

Week Two (February 12, 2014):
scoresheet wk2






Selfish Avengers: 16
 Appearance, 1 point (X-Force #1); Power, 1 point (Impales bad guy through head with Telekinetic Katana)
Iron Man: Appearance, 2 points (Avengers #26, She Hulk #1)
Deadpool: Appearance, 1 point (Deadpool #23); Power, 2 points (Mows down from above with bullets, recreates acid kill from Alien); Defeats the Bad Guy, 1 point
Hawkeye: Appearance, 1 point, (Secret Avengers #15)

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 10
Superior Spider-Man: Appearance, 1 point (Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW); Power, 1 point (Trusty Spider-Sense warning of the Goblin)
Cyclops: 0 points (You’re killing me guy…)
Captain America: Appearance, 1 point (Avengers #26)
Iceman: Appearance, 1 point (Wolverine and the X-Men #41)

Week One (February 5, 2014):scoresheet

The Real Uncanny Avengers: 6
Superior Spider-Man:
 0 points (son of a..)
Cyclops: 0 points (sigh…)
Captain America: Appearance, 3 points (He doesn’t even appear in his own comic! But, All-New Invaders #2 – doing nothing, Loki #1 – doing nothing, and Avengers A.I. – at least doing a little something); Power, 1 point (Shield Throw, why did I not pick Shield Bash!?); Leading the Team, 2 points (Assembling the Avengers in two different comics, per usual)
Iceman: 0 points (ugh..)

Selfish Avengers: 7
 Appearance, 1 point (X-Men #10.New)
Iron Man: Appearance, 2 points (Loki #1, Iron Man #21); Power, 2 points (Aerial Tackle, and Stealth Repulsor)
Deadpool: 0 points
Hawkeye: Appearance, 1 point; Power, 1 point (Trick Arrow, grappling arrow used to save Loki’s life)

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